001 "I want to go to Kenya so badly!"



"I want to go to Kenya so badly!"

This is what a student said while reading some material.

It was about education reform in Kenya, and I think there were many things that this student could agree with.

She was able to understand and translate every word of the 513-word sentence, which was amazing.

If you try to remember words and grammar mechanically, it's hard and easy to forget.

On the other hand, if you are absorbed in the content, the words and expressions that pop out at you will stay in your mind forever and become unforgettable, and may even influence your life.

That's how it was for me in the past, when a book (in English) caught my eye in a bookstore in Tokyo, and somehow I understood it as I turned page by page.

I was hooked.

This one book led me to change my job and enter the world of English.

This book changed my life.

I am constantly searching for teaching materials, hoping to pass on the joy I felt at that time to each of my students.

And when I hear words like the one in the title from my students, I feel an extreme joy.

I will continue to discover new content that will please everyone.

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